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This range of specialist paints manufactured by General Paints delivers a level of performance that far exceeds customer expectations. Each coating solution is designed around a specific application and/or functional requirement. There are 7 product groups, each with variations designed to meet different specifications and customer requirements. While some are clearly industry-specific others have a braid range of uses. This range of robust, functional paints is outlined below.

SustainRange Paint Application / Sector Specialist Function
SustainGuard Steel Protection for OEMs with water based metal coatings Anti-corrosion
SustainGuard HS Steel Protection for OEMs with High solids solvent-based coatings Anti-corrosion
SustainHygen Hygienic range for healthcare/food/equine market Anti-microbial properties
SustainProof Concrete protection & flooring High performance
SustainCare Protective coatings for wood finished Wood Protection
SustainSound Sound dampening coatings for automotive sector Noise Reduction
SustainLine Fast drying line marking coatings for road construction and maintenance Quick Drying

Our specialist range of specialist coatings are backed with a level of industry expertise that is second-to-none. Our Customer Service team is also highly responsive and we look forward to supporting your needs. You can be re-assured that our products are all tested, approved and certified for the appropriate industry quality standards.