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Our facilities have been developed as a specialist plant for the manufacture, testing and sales of specialised, functional industrial coatings. The plant is based in Celbridge, Co. Kildare and the facility has the capacity to readily manufacture more than 9,000,000 Litres p.a.. It is certified to ISO 9001 and this gives our customers the comfort of knowing that the product is produced using the highest standards of manufacturing processes.

The facility includes dedicated areas for relevant specialist processes such as mixing, griding, filling and testing. We also have an extensive area for the storage and distribution of product.

Technical Dept.

Expert technical support and pro-active Research & Development activities are core to our services. Our pro-active approach is based on delivering new products for customers in a timely and relevant way. We aim to consistently meet or exceed client expectations and often this is done in response to a specific customer functional requirement. The depth of expertise within the company is extensive and includes qualified and experienced technicians, chemists and coatings experts.

Our internal laboratories have a dual function. First of all, we offer customer support which includes quality assurance, testing processes, salt spray cabinets, weathering booth and more. All product delivered to customers has to pass our internal testing procedures.

The secondary purpose of the Technical Dept. is to implement the latest technologies into our product offering and to develop customised paints in response to client needs. The Sustain Range has grown in line with industry demands and the specialised functional coatings we produce all start with R&D implemented in the Technical Dept.