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While we are in the business of manufacturing functional, high-performance coatings, we are well aware that the product must be supported by great service, in-depth technical expertise, experience of your sector and ongoing R&D to drive performance. At General Paints we are committed to all these elements – with a view to becoming the definitive supplier of choice for functional paints and superior coatings.

We are well aware of the competitive environments our own customers operate under and we aim to support you in driving excellence in your own business, through robust coating products, a responsive service and competitive rates.

Our team of industry experts has a very broad range of experience, as chemists, engineers, technicians and more. This means that we can analyse current coating procedures and often suggest improvements to optimise the process – in terms of throughput speed, VOC emissions, energy use, working environment and Health & Safety conditions. We can assist at the outset in the design of new facilities where requested.

For any given manufactured product, we can develop a bespoke coating solution and it is often in responding to customer requests to meet a specific need that we develop new products with the range. See products within SustainRange

Our goal is to work in the long-term with customers, adding value to their processes and delivering the best possible coating solution, at competitive rates.