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This water-borne woodcare range of coatings has been developed to offer a superior level of performance and to meet regulatory obligations in terms of Health & Safety and Environmental legislation.

The performance of the SustainCare range is designed to extend the lifetime of the surface it is applied to – whether that’s furniture, cladding, doors or fencing or other timber substrate. The wood coating is strong, tough and attractive and this makes it the ideal choice for multiple wood applications.

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SustainCare Applications

The SustainCare coating range is in use across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe as a primary protective coating for a variety of applications. These include;

  • Commercial, Domestic and General Furniture
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cladding Panels
  • Doors & Window Frames
  • Log and Wooden Properties
  • Fencing and Garden Furniture

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The SustainCare Range

SustainCare 20

One component water-based acrylic MDF black primer

SustainCare 20 is a high-solids acrylic MDF primer developed for long-term, durable protection. It delivers low VOC, no solvent reduction, very low odour and can is compatible with various application techniques. Particularly formulated for dark coloured top-coats

  • Smooth silk-like finish
  • Superb coverage
  • Meets EU emission legislation
  • Single coat application to 120µm
  • Can be applied as a system primer with SustainCare 22

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SustainCare 21 (WB25)

This is a one component water-based acrylic MDF primer

SustainCare 21 (WB25) is a high-solids acrylic MDF primer designed for long-lasting protection. It offers low VOC, no solvent reduction, low levels of odour and application method flexibility.

  • Smooth silk like finish
  • Compliant with EU emission legislation
  • One coat application to 120µm
  • Excellent sandability
  • Used as a system primer in combination with SustainCare 22

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SustainCare 22 (WB50)

Acrylic wood coating. One component, water-based self-cross linking.

SustainCare 22 (WB50) has superb interior durability, meets the EU requirements on VOC emissions as well as delivering excellent durability, block resistance and rapid drying qualities. This makes it ideal to replace traditional solvent based alkyds and 2-pack AC wood coatings.

  • Scratch and hot pan resistant
  • Meets EU emission legislation
  • Rapid dry
  • Superior water resistance
  • Option to apply by spray or brush

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SustainCare 23 (WB134)

One or two component acrylic wood lacquer for interior use

SustainCare 23 (WB134) is a very strong, rapid drying clear coating, ideal for interior applications on hard & soft woods and it delivers a a transparent finish, when both wet and dry, which is a benefit when working on woods such as mahogany and teak. SustainCare 23 (WB134) delivers a singular quality of water-borne lacquers.

  • Option of one component or two component set for added longevity
  • Outstanding stain and scratch resistance properties
  • Meets EU emission rules
  • Chemical resistant
  • Superior sag resistance qualities

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SustainCare 25

SustainCare 25 has excellent durability while complying with EU law for VOC emissions. It also has qualities that include superb durability, block resistance and its speedy drying ability makes it highly useful in replacing standard solvent based alkyds & 2-pack AC wood coatings. It produces a great high sheen finish and is available in multiple colours.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Meets EU emission law
  • Fast Dry
  • Superior water resistance
  • Superior sag resistance

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SustainCare 26

This product is a One component acrylic wood top coating, ideal on both interior and exterior surfaces.

SustainCare 26 has great durability and it meets all the required legislation for VOC emissions.

Like others in the SustainCare range, SustainCare 26 provides excellent durability, offers block resistance and dries rapidly. It is perfect as an alternative to replace solvent based alkyds or 2-pack wood coatings. It facilitates superb film build & coverage with no significant visual impact on the natural wood grain effect.

  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Meet EU emission requirements
  • Fast drying
  • Water resistant
  • Superior sag resistance


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