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SustainGuard HS

SustainGuardHSSustainGuard is separated into two distinct offerings for metal coating and corrosion protection. SustainGuard is a range of water based metal coatings while SustainGuard HS consists of High solids solvent based coatings.

The SustainGuard HS Range

The complex environments in the OEM industry demand long-lasting and highly resilient systems for the end-user, whilst taking into account the specific set-up of the existing coating lines and processes. In our advice we incorporate important factors like; size and shape of the objects to be coated, line speed, film thickness, material and labor costs, cost per unit and overall cost of coating, and the level of VOC emissions.

The innovative SUSTAINGUARD HS range answers the needs of the OEM industry and its end-users with a proven track record in protecting equipment and machinery of Europe’s top producers throughout their lifetime.

SUSTAINGUARD HS corrosion-resistant coatings are quick drying, low on V.O.C. emissions, and have been specially formulated to provide ultimate performance, durability, colour and gloss retention. All have been tested to meet and exceed the highest international technology standards as well as current and future EU emission legislation.

SUSTAINGUARD products are available in a full range of RAL and BS colours as well as an array of custom designed colours ensuring ultimate flexibility in our anti-corrosive coating range.

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SustainGuard HS Applications

The SUSTAINGUARD HS range is widely used and respected in key OEM industry sectors, meeting the extreme challenges required to protect your assets in Ireland, UK and Europe:

  • Agricultural and earthmoving fabrication
  • Foundries and primary metal fabrication
  • Submersible pump manufacturers
  • Pulp and paper manufacturers
  • Metal street furniture manufacturers
  • Transportation Manufacturers
  • Defense Equipment Manufacturers

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The SustainProof Range

SustainGuard HS 18

One-component alkyd primer/sealer

SUSTAINGUARD HS 18 is a high-solid, low-VOC alkyd primer, formulated for high performance protection. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and is tested and approved for immersion in water

  • Excellent adhesion to various metal substrates
  • Rapid drying – Touch dry in 15mins
  • Low Toxicity
  • Can be re-coated with most air drying finishes
  • Good water and corrosion resistance

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SustainGuard HS 19

One-component alkyd gloss enamel

SUSTAINGUARD HS 19 is a one-component alkyd enamel. This product exhibits exceptionally high gloss retention and durability in industrial or agricultural environments.

  • High-gloss finish
  • Good scratch and impact resistance
  • Fast drying
  • Flexibility in application methods

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SustainGuard HS 135

Two-component solvent based Aliphatic Acrylic Topcoat

SUSTAINGUARD HS 135 is a two-component aliphatic acrylic topcoat which is designed for urban marine and industrial environments. The product is designed for a range of application methods to ensure flexibility and displays considerable weathering properties. Excellent adhesion to various metal substrates

  • High Gloss
  • Dries at low temperatures
  • High levels of UV and chemical resistance
  • Can be recoated Indefinitely
  • Extremely tough and durable film

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SustainGuard HS 180

Two-component high-solids epoxy primer.

SUSTAINGUARD HS 180 is a high-solids epoxy primer developed for superior corrosion protection of various substrates such as mild steel, aluminum and galvanized substrates.

  • Quick drying
  • Contains active anti-corrosive pigments
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

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SustainGuard HS 181

Two-component high solids polyurethane primer

SUSTAINGUARD HS 181 is a two-component polyurethane filling primer which is suitable for a range of metal or pre-primed substrates. This anti-corrosive product is ideally suited to processes where a more rapid coating is required due to the possibility of wet-on-wet application with a polyurethane topcoat. Compliant with EU emission legislation

  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Quick drying
  • Superior flow
  • Sandable
  • Excellent corrosion protection

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SustainGuard HS 182

Two component medium solids polyurethane topcoat

SUSTAINGUARD HS 182 is a low-solvent medium solids topcoat specifically designed for the coating of utility vehicles, systems and devices whether in manufacturing or repair work.

  • Quick drying
  • Full range of colours
  • Easy application
  • Excellent flow
  • Good gloss and colour retention

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SustainGuard HS 190

2-component High Solids polyurethane topcoat

SUSTAINGUARD HS 190 is a high solids, low-VOC polyurethane finish providing excellent exterior durability and is particularly developed for surface finishing in industrial and agricultural processes High-gloss finish

  • Gloss finish
  • Quick turnaround of product due to rapid film formation
  • Superior colour and gloss retention
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance

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SustainGuard HS 195

2-component single coat system

SUSTAINGUARD HS 195 is a high-build, low-VOC single coat polyurethane coating. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and is designed for direct to metal surface finishing in industrial and agricultural processes.

  • Excellent adhesion to well prepared steel substrates
  • Fast-drying
  • Superior scratch and impact resistance
  • Excellent water and corrosion resistance

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